Two 18-inch dolls in movie theater playset

OG Cinema – Movie Theater Set

Movie Theater Playset for 18-inch Dolls

  • 124-piece Movie Theater Playset: treat your 18-inch dolls to a night at the movies with the Our Generation Cinema set!
  • Fun Features: working lights, spinning popcorn machine, and a ledge at the bottom of the screen to hold your tablet!
  • Includes: cinema, ticket roll, 3 poster sets, 74-pc letter set, 6 drinks, 2 snack baskets, 2 trays, 11 play money items, 16 play food accessories, 2 wax paper bags, napkin holder, shaker, 2 hot dog trays, ketchup bottle, and mustard bottle.
  • Dimensions: measures approximately 23.85” (H) x 21.25” (L) x 29” (W).
  • Assembly Required: easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions provided; requires 3 x AA & 3 x AAA batteries (included).
  • Recommended Age: suggested for kids ages 3+ (small parts); compatible with most 18-inch dolls and accessories.
  • Accessory Set Only: dolls sold separately; tablet not included.
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    Treat your 46cm dolls to a night at the movies with the Our Generation Movie Theater set! This Hollywood-inspired accessory includes 50 items that give your moviegoers a playful cinematic experience. Pick from the six movie-themed posters to preview what's playing, and create fun messages on the letter board with the 74 characters and symbols! Purchase your tickets at the booth with the paper bills and coins. Then build a snack basket at the concession stand with a variety of food and drinks! Press the button on the popcorn machine to watch it spin, and turn on the lights in the theater before the movie begins! This cinema playset also features a ledge at the bottom of the screen to hold your tablet, so you can watch your favourite films and shows together with your dolls! Just put their drinks in the seat cup holders, close the lights, and pull back the curtains to enjoy the feature presentation! (Tablet not included. Dolls and outfits sold separately)

    Download instructions

    • 1 cinema playset
    • 74 letters
    • 2 bottles of water
    • 2 sodas with lid & straw
    • 2 bottles of soda
    • 2 snack trays
    • 1 nacho plate
    • 2 serving trays
    • 3 cinnamon buns
    • 2 pretzels in 2 wrappers
    • 4 boxes of popcorn
    • 1 popcorn flavor shaker
    • 2 chocolate bars
    • 2 hot dogs in 2 buns
    • 2 paper trays
    • 1 napkin holder
    • 1 bottle of ketchup
    • 1 bottle of mustard
    • 5 paper bills (1 x 5$
    • 2 x 10$ and 2 x 20$)
    • 6 coins (2 x 5 cent
    • 2 x 10 cent
    • 2 x 25 cent)
    • 1 roll of movie tickets (64 tickets) and 6 movie posters. Dolls and outfits sold separately.

    Dimensions: 53.98 X 73.66 X 60.58 cm


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