Let It Roll Bowling Alley for 18-inch Dolls

Let It Roll! Bowling Alley

Retro Bowling Alley Playset for 18-inch Dolls

  • 53-Piece Bowling Alley Playset: you'll have fun to spare with the Our Generation Let It Roll Retro Bowling Alley for 18-inch dolls!
  • Fun Features: working lights, music and sounds, moving functions like elevating bowling pins, hotdog ferris wheel, and opening cash register for realistic fun!
  • Includes: bowling alley, billboard, table, bowling ball rack, 5 bowling balls, 2 pairs of shoes, bag, trophy, 21 play food items, plate, 3 scoreboard sheets, 2 scoresheets, pencil, shoe spray, hotdog machine, 6 coins, cash register, and a cleaning cloth.
  • Dimensions: measures approximately 14” (H) x 20.47” (W) x 27.25” (L).
  • Recommended Age: suggested for kids ages 3 (small parts); compatible with most 18-inch dolls and accessories.
  • Batteries: requires 6 x AA & 3 x AAA batteries (included).
  • Accessory Set Only: dolls sold separately.
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    You'll have fun to spare with the Our Generation Let It Roll Retro Bowling Alley for 46cm dolls! This accessory playset has everything your dolls need for a fun bowling party. Set up the pins on the bowling lane and use the switch to lift them and retrieve the ball. The cashier stand is all set to help your dolls choose the right size of shoes and purchase snacks to munch on during their game – the cash register makes sounds when it opens! Oodles of retro features (like the rotary phone on the wall and the vintage scoreboard) combined with realistic details make this accessory set even more fun! When it's time for a party, turn on the working light and sounds projector to light up the lanes, and grab a hot dog from the rotating hot dog ferris wheel when your dolls get hungry. Discover all of the dolls, accessories, and outfits in the Our Generation Bowling Collection for even more fun! (Dolls and other bowling theme accessories sold separately)

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    • 1 bowling alley
    • 1 functional billboard
    • 1 score table
    • 3 scoreboard slider sheets
    • 1 functional hot dog machine
    • 1 functional cash register
    • 2 score sheets
    • 1 bowling ball rack
    • 1 bowling bag
    • 5 bowling balls
    • 1 bowling trophy
    • 2 pairs of bowling shoes
    • 1 shoe spray
    • 1 polishing cloth
    • 1 basket of fries
    • 1 ketchup bottle
    • 1 mustard bottle
    • 4 chip bags
    • 2 cherry colas
    • 1 plate
    • 6 sausages
    • 3 hot dog buns
    • 3 hot dog wrappers
    • 1 pencil and 2 sets of coins (5 cents
    • 10 cents
    • 25 cents). Dolls and outfits sold separately.

    Dimensions: 69.22 X 51.99 X 35.56 cm


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