18-inch doll and dog plushie using pet care playset
Happy Puppies
Happy Puppies

Happy Puppies

18-inch Doll Pet Care Set

  • 20-piece Pet Care Set: teach your 18-inch dolls how to care for newborn pups with the Our Generation Happy Puppies set!
  • Attachable Leash: retractable dog leash easily clips to the dog collar to walk your loyal pals around the neighborhood!
  • Includes: dog carrier, retractable leash, puppy diaper, training pad, bib, heart pillow, collar, toy rattle, pacifier, and grooming accessories.
  • Mix & Match: compatible with most 18-inch dolls, 6-inch stuffed animal pets, plush toys, and accessories.
  • Recommended Age: suggested for kids 3 years+ (small parts).
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    Teach your dolls how to care for newborn pets with the Our Generation Happy Puppies pet care set! Clean your pups with the shampoo bottle and brush their soft fur with the hairbrush. Then dress your pup in the puppy diaper and lay down the blanket pad as you train them to go potty. Are they being a good pup? Give them a treat with the dog cookies as they learn! Place your pup in the zip-up dog carrier when it's time to travel and carry them with the comfy straps. Or clip the leash to their collar to take them for a walk around the neighbourhood. The leash can be made longer or shorter so your dolls can keep them by their side at all times!

    Accessories only - Doll and Dog not included

    • 1 dog carrier
    • 1 training pad
    • 1 pillow
    • 1 diaper
    • 1 headband
    • 1 collar
    • 1 bib
    • 1 feeding bottle, 2 bone treats
    • 2 dog cookies
    • 1 retractable leash
    • 1 rattle
    • 1 pacifier
    • 1 toothbrush
    • 1 tube of toothpaste
    • 1 shampoo bottle
    • 1 brush and 1 nail clipper.


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