18-inch boy doll with dark-brown hair and brown eyes


18-inch Boy Doll

  • 18-inch Boy Doll: true blue and ready for fun, explore cool adventures together with Our Generation boy doll Franco!
  • Features: dark-brown eyes that open and close with short, parted black hair.
  • Easy to Play: cuddly soft body; neck, arms, and legs rotate to easily change outfits.
  • Includes: boy doll, buttoned top, denim-style pants, a pair of undies, beanie hat, sunglasses, and shoes.
  • Mix & Match: outfit features easy-open closures to quickly put on and remove; compatible with most 18-inch dolls, outfits, and accessories.
  • Recommended Age: suggested for kids ages 3+ (small parts).
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    Have you met the Our Generation boy doll Franco? This 46cm youngster just moved to the neighbourhood and he's ready for an adventure! Franco has dark-brown eyes and short, parted black hair with his signature beanie. This handsome boy loves being outside and is always excited to make new memories with friends. He arrives in a casual outfit that features denim-style pants, a crisp, blue buttoned-down shirt, and a pair of sunglasses to enjoy long afternoons in the sunshine. You can even put his hat on one of your other 46cm besties while you give Franco a new hairstyle, or sit back and tell him all of your funny stories and what you plan on doing together – he's an excellent listener! Which of your favourite dolls will you introduce to Franco first?

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    • 1 doll
    • 1 beanie hat
    • 1 shirt
    • 1 pair of underwear
    • 1 pair of pants
    • 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of glasses.

    Dimensions: 17.78 X 10.16 X 45.72 cm


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