Our Generation® is Bigger than a toy company. We invite girls into a community of empowerment and play, a place where their collective voices create the narrative of their generation. It’s impossible to separate Our Generation® characters from the generation of girls who play with them, for they are one and the same. They are our daughters and our nieces. The girls who sell us cookies, walk our dogs and do cartwheel down the block.

Through the books & the dolls, Our Generation® characters come to life in the hands and minds of girls of this generation. They become best fiends and role models. Someone who understands what its like to be a girl in a time and place filled with so many pressures, but also so many freedom and opportunities. Together, they act out forming positive relationships, overcoming personal hurdles, and having fun. Making the right choices and even dealing with what happens when they make the wrong ones.

Preparing for what lies ahead while realizing just how important it is to embrace today.

Our Generation® is one of the leading 46cm doll brands across the world. Our products are available in over 25 Countries worldwide, and sold at major global retailers.
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Friends of Our Generation

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Lori Dolls

15cm dolls & accessories

Lori lives in a great big city with lots to do and many places to explore! Lori & her friends are smart, adventurous, and trendy little girls. They love ballet, reading, giggling, and playing with their pets. Come hang out with Lori Dolls. All your friends are right here!

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B. toys

Play by your own rules

Quirky and unique, our toys are meant to inspire children's individuality. Unexpected colours, intriguing patterns, sensory textures, and features that are as playful as they are educational! Timeless toys to be passed from one generation to the next.

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Li'l Woodzeez

Cute Animal figures & Accessories

Where all the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and their environment. Every animal family has a special job to make every day an adventure. Let your imagination run free in the world of Li’l Woodzeez.®

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